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We believe in continuous improvement.

Lyngcoln Consulting has worked with a range of schools to ensure they are structured to achieve their strategic objectives, remain competitive and create value for their school community.

When we undertake a Structure & Function Review we examine:


  • Strategic direction and coherence

  • Processes including risk, compliance and staff appraisals

  • Roles of individuals and groups

  • Operational and financial information

We also take into account:


  • Tradition, culture, values and ethos of the school

  • Community and stakeholders

  • Educational offer and learning experience

  • Quality of teachers and professional staff

  • Pastoral care and well being

  • Organisation infrastructure

  • Sustainability of the organisation

  • Competitive dynamics of your market


Based on our research, including staff interviews, we present recommendations for change.


These may include strategies to:

  • Increase productivity

  • Enhance individual and team effectiveness

  • Restructure leadership teams

  • Reorganise staff for greater effectiveness

  • Identify cost efficiencies

  • Focus on sustainability from a structural and operational point of view


We tailor practical solutions and provide operational plans and communication strategies.

Contact Lyngcoln Consulting for a confidential discussion. 

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