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Lyngcoln Consulting has completed over 60 assignments for 40 clients across 5 states and territories. 

Our values are integrity, honesty and professionalism and they are reflected in the way we work with our clients. Our service is exceptional.

Our processes are rigorous. We spend time scoping each assignment to understand the complexity of the issues, then tailor a framework for action.


We bring a detailed knowledge of the education sector, with experience in governance and strategy, and understand the challenges, culture and traditions of independent schools.


We also have extensive networks across Australia, New Zealand and specific overseas markets, allowing us to identify and qualify leadership talent.


  • We work exclusively with the non-government education sector

  • When you work with Lyngcoln Consulting your assignment is managed by Neville Lyngcoln and Rosie Rowe

  • We have in-depth knowledge of the sector from a strategic and operations perspective

  • Our candidate qualification process identifies exceptional leaders

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