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Exciting appointment - Bringing elite experience and a focus on ‘sport for all’ to PLC Perth

Natalie Medhurst

Head of Sport

PLC Perth

Natalie Medhurst brings extensive media and international sporting experience to her appointment as Head of Sport at PLC Perth.

Natalie has an extensive and stellar career as a professional netballer spanning 17 years, including experience with the three time world champion Australian Diamonds team.

In addition, Natalie has experience in sports commentary with Channel 9 Perth and most recently, in community engagement with Commonwealth Games Australia.

These national and international perspectives, media and community connections and experience will elevate the expectations of all with whom she comes into contact at PLC Perth.

It was clear in the interview process that Natalie understands, appreciates and is keen to build on the sense of connection in the school community. Connection with elite level quality. It is clear she knows that connection elicits support and access to facilities and importantly to people of quality. These connections will enrich the opportunities that the girls at PLC will experience.

Natalie exhibited a strong, positive presence at interview stressing the need to create an inclusive environment in which all girls felt empowered to participate in sport and physical activity at any level. She also focused on the need for a strategic, longer term approach to the development of girls and young women. The development of positive character, focus, ambition and perseverance are regarded as essential in high profile sporting teams, as they are in schools.

Natalie and the other impressive field of candidates, provided a salutary reminder of the increasingly clear links between mental wellbeing, academic pursuits and contemporary physical fitness.

Lyngcoln Consulting representatives were impressed by the generosity and insight of interviewees with huge daily demands as they shared their impressive thinking and unique experiences. In checking referees, Lyngcoln Consulting gained access to the thinking of those leading and managing high profile athletes in clubs and teams of national status. These insights informed this appointment and will provide valuable insight into future appointment processes.

Lyngcoln Consulting was privileged, as a part of the process, to engage with and listen to a broad range of stakeholders in the sporting program, especially parents and carers. These contributions reflected what now is a consistent expectation that the provision in physical education and sport, especially in coaching, must be of the highest standard.

While Natalie will meet and exceed these expectations at PLC Perth, given the quality and backgrounds of the applicants for positions such as these, Lyngcoln Consulting is increasingly confident that the expectations will be exceeded in more schools, providing a crucial benefit to young people.

Cate Begbie, Principal of PLC Perth, is excited by the contribution that Natalie will make to PLC Perth and that this will transcend sport. She will bring a perspective and experience that will challenge and energise the thinking of all of those around her.

Congratulations Natalie and PLC Perth.

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